Whats New

  • Power to the cryomodule

    Cryomodule 1, Fermilab’s test cryomodule for ILC-type accelerating cavities and superconducting radiofrequency (SRF) technology, was powered up as a complete, multi-cavity instrument earlier this month. Previously, researchers had delivered power only to the individual cavities inside it. Read more

  • MP9 and IB4 cavity vacuum furnace delivered

    The SRF Cavity Vacuum Furnace at MP9 was delivered in May 2011. It is sized to bake spoke resonator cavities and 650-MHz cavities. The SRF Cavity Vacuum Furnace at IB4 is being used since January 2011. It is sized to bake 9-cell 1.3-GHz SRF cavities at 800 deg C.
MP9 furnance
IB4 furnance


  • Fermilab constructs pioneering accelerator test facility

The new facility, which will occupy three buildings and host a 460-foot-long test accelerator, will be the first of its kind in the United States.
Graphics and photos are available at: https://www.fnal.gov/pub/presspass/press_releases/test-facility-20100921-images.html

Construction of Fermilab’s Cryomodule Test Facility (left) is scheduled for completion later this year. The facility will house radiofrequency systems and a cryogenic plant, crucial components for testing superconducting radio-frequency cavities for the SRF accelerator test facility at the New Muon Lab. Read more



Americas 9-cell ILC S0 Cavities