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Joint Meeting of the
American Linear Collider Physics Group
ILC Global Design Effort
22-26 October 2007
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Physics Working Groups
The various Physics Signature Working Groups at ALCPG07 will be meeting Monday and Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Reports from each group will be presented Friday morning (October 26).

Goal of the Physics Signature Working Groups

These working groups will focus on signature-based benchmark studies dealing with issues including:

  1. What does the physics require of the detector, in terms of coverage and capability.
  2. How does the detector performance tradeoff with physics output?
  3. Is the technology "there" for the required detectors and performance?

The Charge to Conveners provides further information.

Sessions and Conveners

Physics Signature-I:

Missing Energy

Jim Alexander (Cornell, LNS)
Carola F. Berger (MIT)
Constantin Matchev (Univ. of Florida)
Tao Han (Univ. of Wisconsin)
Graham Wilson (Univ. of Kansas)
Bill Morse (BNL)

Physics Signature-II:

Jet and Photon Energy Measurements

Raymond Frey (University of Oregon)
Stephen Magill (ANL)
Frank Petriello (Univ of Wisconsin)
Alexei Raspereza (MPI Munich)
Tim Tait (ANL)

Physics Signature-III:

b/c Separation and Tau Tagging

Andrei Nomerotski (Oxford University)
Frank Paige (BNL)
Jay Hubisz (FNAL)
Marco Battaglia (LBNL)
Ron Lipton (FNAL)

Physics Signature-IV:

Charged Particle Momentum Measurement, V0 Reconstruction, and Identification of Stable Charged Particles

Bruce Schumm (UC at Santa Cruz)
Henry Band (Univ. of Wisconsin)
Ayres Freitas (Argonne)
Tim Nelson (SLAC)
Shufang Su (Univ. of Arizona)

Each of these groups will explore the physics enabled by their specific signature of focus, and quantify the physics reach as a function of performance.

Based on the advanced discussions and planning by the conveners, we are anticipating this format to be stimulating and productive for both theorists and experimentalists. We encourage you to communicate with the conveners (indicated by the links in the above list) with your ideas, and requests for time. Please refer to the ALCPG07 meeting web pages for more information and the agenda.

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