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Joint Meeting of the
American Linear Collider Physics Group
ILC Global Design Effort
22-26 October 2007
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Global Design Effort Meeting at ALCPG07
The upcoming GDE meeting at Fermilab will provide a critical juncture as it will formally establish the new ILC Engineering Design Phase Project Management. A focus of the meeting will be the consolidation of the engineering design phase plans, leading up to the successful publication of the Engineering Design Report (EDR) by mid 2010.

Specific ALCPG07 GDE Meeting Goals

  • Summarise and report the results of the recent series of ED phase "kick-off" meetings
  • Report and discuss critical technical issues for the ED phase, with an emphasis on those identified Work Packages that require further refinement or definition
  • consolidate and integrate the identified WPs into a complete Work Breakdown Structure for the ED phase, including the associated schedules and high-level milestones
  • Produce and make a clear and transparent public process for allocation of the WPs, together with management deadlines for completion of the allocation

In accordance with the above goals, we will also agree on the short-term goals leading up to the next GDE meeting in Sendai, Japan on 3-6 March, 2008.

Outline of Schedule and Key Presentations
Monday Morning Joint Plenary for ALCPG07
GDE Report
Monday Afternoon Regional Reports (EU, Asian, Americas)
Tuesday Morning/Afternoon GDE Parallel Sessions
Wednesday Morning/Afternoon Joint Plenary for ALCPG07
GDE Parallel Sessions
Thursday Morning/Afternoon GDE Plenary Sessions
Thursday Afternoon Tour of ILC Accelerator R&D
Friday Morning GDE Plenary Sessions
Joint ALCPG07 Closing Plenary
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