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Joint Meeting of the
American Linear Collider Physics Group
ILC Global Design Effort
22-26 October 2007
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Speakers and Convenors
Instructions and resources for session convenors and for plenary and parallel speakers will be placed here.
E-mail Access

Terminals are available in the basement of Wilson Hall.

Delegates will be able to connect to internet wireless for the duration of the meeting, after an inital registration (which will take several minutes).

We should check that the above is correct.

Instructions for Speakers

This will include timing information, what equipment will be available, and so forth.

The local organization will provide digital projectors in each room. It is highly recommended that the presentation of each talk be entered into the Indico conference system for ALCPG07, for convenient downloading to the computer attached to the projector.

Conference attendees' laptops can be set up for web access, but there is a several step process that must be followed, which takes several minutes, the first time in the week that this access is desired.

Instructions for Session Convenors

This will include timing information, how-to's, and so forth.
It may include a list of convenors, or a link to such a list.

The ALCPG parallel sessions convenors will solicit talks for their sessions and organize their programs.

A link to The Working Group Leaders Contacts list will be placed here.

For the GDE talks, the RDR systems leaders will be responsible for selecting speakers for the plenaries, and for organizing the parallel sessions.

A link to The Engineering Design Report Contacts list may be placed here.

It is the responsibility of the convenors to provide a laptop for connection to the projector; the larger parallel session rooms will have a computer available for tis purpose, but this should be checked in advance.

It is recommended that Convenors set their laptop screen-saver settings to some long time interval, so that screens do not go blank during lengthy discussion periods.

The CERN conference system (Indico) will be used to accept abstracts and talks.

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