Reference Design Report/Engineering Design Report

ILC Global Design Effort Plans

In February 2007, the Global Design Effort published a draft Reference Design Report. This multi-volume document provides the first detailed technical snapshot of the proposed future electron-positron collider, defining in detail the technical parameters and components that make up each section of the 31-kilometer long accelerator. The reference design will guide the development of the worldwide R&D program, motivate international industrial studies and serve as the basis for the final engineering design needed to make an official project proposal later this decade. As part of the Reference Design Report, the GDE also produced a preliminary estimate for the cost of the ILC. Scientists from all three regions involved in the ILC – the Americas, Asia and Europe – contributed to the Reference Design Report, demonstrating the successful international cooperation of the project.

GDE Director Barry Barish presenting DESY Director Albrecht Wagner and ILCSC Chair Shin-Ichi Kurokawa with copies of the Reference Design Report.

Currently the Global Design Effort is in transition as it proceeds from a reference design to an engineering design. While the reference design is a complete description of the ILC, it lacks much of the detailed engineering needed to make an official funding proposal. This next 3-year period will include more detailed and reliable costing, as well as critical R&D results and demonstrations that are needed to support the proposal. Fermilab played a significant role in writing the Reference Design Report, and the lab’s contributions will continue to grow during this next engineering phase of the project.