Industrial Studies: Engineering and Cost Estimation

A contract was placed with Advanced Energy Systems (AES) to lead the Linear Collider Forum of America to conduct an industrial study. The goal of this study is to define the cost to construct the first RF unit and production lots of 250 and 750 RF Units for the ILC main linac. (An RF Unit is defined as a total of 24 superconducting cavities within three cryomodules, powered by a common RF system. The center cryomodule contains a magnetic element that provides beam-focusing and steering correction.)

The study will include detailed costs of all major components and subsystems, along with a schedule showing critical paths of the construction program. For this study, it is assumed that a facility capable of providing the equipment and space for superconducting cavity processing and integration, as well as checkout of the RF Units, will be available at a location near the ILC site. The cost of the setup and operation of this facility is not part of this study.

The study will include the cost of the superconducting cavities and processing (Buffered Chemical Processing, Electropolishing, High Pressure Water Rinsing, Radio Frequency Testing), helium vessels, cavity tuners, magnetic shields, required cryomodule instrumentation, beamline string support systems, thermal shields, vacuum vessels, cryomodule support stands, internal cryogen piping, and major RF system components (such as the couplers), RF distribution, circulators, klystrons, modulators and low level RF.

The industrial team members will generate component and subsystem cost estimates in each of their areas of responsibility via internal estimating methods and, where appropriate, by solicitation of US manufacturers that have had previous experience in this technical area. The team members will develop component fabrication plans only to the level necessary to enable them to estimate the manufacturing cost of their respective components and provide appropriate quotations. The costs associated with acquisition and set up of new equipment (i.e. e-beam welders, BCP systems, etc.) for high rate production is not included. Tooling for integration and assembly of the RF units is also not included. Each solicited manufacturer will be asked to provide quotations for the number of components in a single ILC RF Unit and budgetary quotations for the quantities associated with up to 250 and 750 RF Units. Each manufacturer will be given the opportunity to provide input on cost reduction ideas, utilize learning curves to extrapolate low quantity costs to full ILC quantities where applicable, and utilize their expertise to validate vendor quotations.