3D Detectors

The object of this work is to develop and demonstrate a pixel detector based on three-dimensional integration of sensor and readout electronics. Development of this technology will allow production of pixel sensors which are thin (<50 microns), have excellent and well controlled charge collection using fully depleted devices, and can use full CMOS readout without parasitic charge collection. These detectors will also be radiation hard. Such a device can be used as part of the vertex or forward detector for any of the detector concepts.

We will study "three dimensional" integration of CMOS readout and detector wafers. This approach uses CMOS and detector wafers processed independently, thinned, and then bonded. Bonding can be done using known good readout die bonded to a sensor wafer. Vias are then etched and filled to connect the CMOS and detector layers.

The initial phase of the 3D work will use BTeV readout and detector wafers to explore bonding and interconnect technology. We will choose an interconnect technology, measure yields, and test the quality of the detector wafer after processing.