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Joint Meeting of the
American Linear Collider Physics Group
ILC Global Design Effort
22-26 October 2007
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ILC Remote Computing Approval Chain

These are people who can be refered to as contacts for approving remote use of Fermilab computing for ILC-related purposes.

ILC/Civil Engineering and Services
Vic Kuchler kuchler
Monica Sasse sasse
ILC/Director's Office
Bob Kephart kephart
Shekhar Mishra mishra
Monica Sasse sasse
ILC/Physics and Detector
Marcel Demarteau demarteau
Bob Tschirhart tsch
Steve Wolbers wolbers
Monica Sasse sasse
ILC/SCRF Cavity Cryomodule
Marc Ross mcrec
Monica Sasse sasse
ILC/SCRF TEST Accelerator
Sergei Nagaitsev nsergei
Monica Sasse sasse

The above addresses are all

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