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Joint Meeting of the
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22-26 October 2007
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Dueling Pianos Discussion Forum
A highlight of the ALCPG07 Meeting promises to be a Dueling Pianos session scheduled for the evening of 23 October.

Not necessarily a musical event, although rumour has it that a physicist may play a tune or two, the session will be a town hall meeting with a twist. This session is designed to stimulate discussions on the hot topics surrounding the ILC. As in a 'dueling pianos' performance, where a score can be played in a major key or a minor key, in a jazz rhythm or with a swing beat, this session is intended to be an exposition of different opinions on some critical issues currently surrounding the ILC with an intended ensuing dialogue.

Workshop attendees are encouraged to submit questions ahead of time. Each question will get forwarded to two attendees, who will be asked to prepare brief responses. Just like dueling pianos - sometimes the answers will produce harmony, while other discussions may highlight competing forces.

Suggested Topics of Discussion

Each of these potential topics is based on one or more questions submitted by participants.

  1. The role of the Research Director for the ILC detector community.
  2. The role of the Research Director and the GDE.
  3. Letters of Intent and merging of ILC detector concepts.
  4. Fermilab's Project X and the ILC.
  5. Push-pull detector logistics.
  6. Defining the engineering design phase.
  7. Downselection of different detector technologies.
  8. Complementarity of the two detectors.
  9. Why more than one detector if they have similar physics capabilities?
  10. Why should the detector schedule stay in step with that of the machine?
  11. Relation with LHC detector upgrades.
  12. International agreement schedules.
  13. Funding the ILC

Thought-provoking questions related to any of these or similar topics are requested. Participants may submit questions to

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