US Hydroforming Workshop
1st Sep 2010, Fermilab


The ILC ART program has indicated its intention to provide funding support in FY11 for efforts in the US to fabricate 9-cell 1.3 GHz SRF cavities via the hydroforming process. The purpose of this workshop is to chart a course for providing this deliverable on a 1-2 year time scale. The primary path is to produce the cavities using established forming techniques and Nb tubes. A secondary goal is to identify and verify cost-saving measures via R&D in the areas of Nb tube fabrication and improvement of the forming process. The end result of the workshop should be a coherent, cooperative plan for meeting these goals, including how to best allocate available resources and leverage ongoing and/or pending SBIRs.


WORKSHOP WRITE-UP: coming soon


Attendee Affiliation
Andy Hocker FNAL
Mark Champion FNAL
Lance Cooley FNAL
Bob Kephart FNAL
Rich Stanek FNAL
Timergali Khabiboulline FNAL
Ivan Gonin FNAL
Leonardo Ristori FNAL
Charlie Cooper FNAL
Jim Murphy UNR
Tom Bieler MSU
Chris Compton MSU
Farhang Pourboghrat MSU
Roy Crooks Black Labs
Tony Nelson ATI-Wah Chang
Brian VanDoren ATI-Wah Chang
Ted Hartwig TAMU/Shear Form, Inc.
Rob Barber Shear Form, Inc.
Ted Collings OSU
Mike Sumption OSU
Terry Grimm Niowave
Ahren Kolka Niowave
Mark Blasi American Hydroformers
Tony Favale AES
John Rathke AES
Pat Cain Interlaken
Jim Higgins Interlaken
Ralf Edinger Pavac
Dwight Osha Roark
Paul Gearing Dynamic Industrial Group
John Mammosser TJNL
Remote Participant Affiliation
Waldemar Singer DESY
Alexey Ermakov DESY
Franco Bedeschi INFN
Rongli Geng TJNL