RF Power

RF power of 1.3 GHz at Fermilab is needed in the following areas: Horizontal Test Stand (HTS) at Meson Detector Building (MDB), Vertical Test Stand (VTS) at IB1 and at the beam test facility at New Muon building.

At MDB, Fermilab scientists installed a rebuilt Phillips YK-1240 Klystron (300 kW) and the entire distribution system for CC2. The Klystron was tested on a dummy load and on CC2. It produced 287 kW at required operating parameters. This same setup will be used to RF power the HTS. Fermilab has three rebuilt YK-1240 Klystrons and three low-power modulators.

Fermilab intends to purchase three 500-kW klystrons for the Horizontal test stand and has purchased a 5-MW TH2104C Klystron to power either the RF gun or the first CM. The RF system for the VTS has been installed and commissioned.

5KW RF power system at Meson Detector Building

For the test at Fermilab's New Muon building, an RF gun, (2) capture cavities, and a string of three cryomodules will be installed. Fermilab will provide the RF power sources for the RF gun, capture cavities, and first cryomodule. An existing 5 MWatt klystron and new full pulse length modulator will be used for the gun and a 300 KW klystron and modulator will be used for each of the capture cavities. Fermilab provides all interlocks and controls for these systems and the wave guide to connect to the RF distribution waveguide. A second 5 MW system will be used for initial testing of the first cryomodule.

SLAC provided the RF distribution hardware for distributing RF to the first cryomodule, which will contain eight 9-cell cavities. Higher Order Mode couplers (HOM) are an integral part of the cavity structure. Fermilab will supply the external terminations for these couplers. The system will utilize the SLAC rotational variable coupler design with hybrids, loads, and tuners. SLAC has conducted high power tests of this system at SLAC and provided the circulators. Dual directional couplers at each of the cavity inputs will also be included to monitor power flow.