Fermilab contributes beam instrumentation activities at two onsite test facilities:

  • The NICADD A0-Photoinjector (the future injector for ILCTA_NML)
  • The ILC test accelerator at the Fermilab NML building (ILCTA_NML)

Beam instrumentation activities at the A0-Photoinjector concentrate on the new beam-line for the emittance exchange experiment. A set of five new button-style BPMs, and several “diagnostic-crosses’ utilizing OTR and other screen monitors are in production. The button BPM pickup mechanics received several smaller improvements. A Smith-Purcell interferometer, borrowed from DESY, is installed at the A0-Photoinjector to continue bunch length measurement activities. In collaboration with ANL and NIU we also investigate different bunch length measurement methods, based on electro-optical sampling (EOS), later to be installed at the NML test facility.

Most of the beam instrumentation for the new NML test accelerator is in the early preparation stage. A preliminary beamline layout lists about 20 “warm” BPMs, 1- 3 “cold” BPMs, 5 toroidal beam current monitors, ~ 20 screen monitors (OTR and others), and 4 beam phase / time-of-flight monitors for the basic beam instrumentation. Electro-optical based and other advanced beam monitors are required for bunch length and beam phase monitoring.

Other NML instrumentation activities concentrate on the RF commissioning without beam of the first cryomodule, i.e. assembly of new RF klystron protection systems, a wire position monitor (WPM) read-out system, and two faraday-cups including their read-out electronics.