Fermilab is providing a controls infrastructure for the SCRF R&D program at Fermilab. This includes NML, Horizontal Test Stand(s), Vertical Test Stand(s) at 1B1. It also includes the controls system for 3.9GHz cavity testing as many of the components being developed and used at A0 as many of these will be moved/deployed at NML. The control infrastructure provides the cryogenic system controls design and automation, motor controls systems, RF interlock systems, coupler conditioning, device interface, establishment of an electronic control room logbook for the test areas, and development of a cavity data management system.

We also collaborate on the ILC controls effort with our colleagues in other institutions such and ANL, SLAC, DESY, and KEK. As part of the collaboration, we will help write the EDR and participate in controls R&D necessary for its completion. We will help participate in instrumentation R&D working on HOM BPM measurements and ATCA digitizers.