SCRF Infrastructure

Fermilab is in the process of building the necessary infrastructure to fabricate, process, treat and test superconducting RF cavities for ILC R&D. So far these new facilities consist of a Vertical Test Stand, Horizontal Test Stand, Cryomodule Assembly Facility and ILC Test Area. The Vertical Test Stand and Horizontal Test Stand will be used to qualify cavities for ILC R&D. Inside the Crymodule Assembly Facility, which actually consists of two separate buildings, scientists will dress qualified cavities and string them together in a clean room environment.

These strings of cavities then become fully assembled cryomodules, which will get tested in the ILC Test Area.
TESLA 9-cell 1.3 GHz SRF cavities from ACCEL Corp. in Germany for ILC.
Fermilab is currently in the process of constructing the ILC Test Area, where scientists will test a series of cryomodules with an electron beam. In addition, Fermilab plans to develop a facility for chemically processing and treating superconducting cavities. Once the entire infrastructure is complete, Fermilab will have a full-service superconducting RF facility, where scientists from around the world will be able to process, assemble and test cavities and cryomodules from start to finish.